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Located at the heart of Agra, Baslas Physiotherapy Center is one of the most famous Physiotheraphy service providers in the city. we are well-known as the pioneer in this field for our dynamic, rapidly accessible physiotherapy services. Physical therapy or Physiotherapy is a health care profession that is concerned majorly with the remediation of impairments and disabilities and the promotion of mobility, functional ability. In short it is the treatment of disorders with physical methods, such as massage, therapeutic exercises, manipulation, hydrotherapy, cold, heat, and electrical stimulation to assist in rehabilitating patients and restoring function after an illness or injury.
We provide successful treatments for Cervical Pain in Neck, Back Pain (Slip Disk), Joint Pain, Paralysis, Sliming etc. Our highly experienced para medical staff has experience of working in reputed multispecialty hospitals. We are best in treating effectively back pain, slip disc, sprain, strain, neck pain, cervical pain, sciatica, nerve compression, vertigo, frozen shoulder, arthritis (knee, spine), paralysis, cerebral palsy problem in any injury.
Our Doctors
We have a team of certified Physiotherapists that is guided by Dr. Baslas who is the director of our health centre. Our chief doctor Dr. Baslas is a physical therapist specializing in number of specialities.
Dr.Baslas has accomplished rich years of extensive practices in his field by combining his advanced manual skills and trigger point therapy. He is expert in neuromuscular/exercise re-education, optimizing his patient’s recovery and performance.
Why Us?

We are involved in rendering high quality physical and mental rehabilitation solution to the patients at affordable charges. The doctors and other experts in our hospital works in close coordination with patients and conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify and determine the extent of your problems and address them using the best available treatment strategy. We are able to make a strong foundation in medical business owing to following factors: 100% confidentiality in maintaining our patients database records Customized therapy program for every patient Response to treatment is consistently monitored High standard of professionalism and clinical medical skills Home based specialized rehabilitation service Rehabilitation services with comfortable and hygienic measures.

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